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Attention - fraud!

We were informed that unauthorized persons are sending invoices to foreign companies on behalf of Biropharma Kft. or Biro Pharmaceuticals Kft. requesting payments to a bank account that does not belong to Biropharma Kft. Typical invoiced item is serum human albumin, but other products or services are also possible.

Please note that Biro Pharmaceuticals has nothing to do with Biropharma Kft. Invoices from Biropharma Kft. are always based on prior documents (contract, shipment order). Invoiced products may be Avemar, Avevit, AWGE or Immunovet.

Our bank account IBAN numbers are:
HU26 1173 2064 2004 9650 0000 0000 (HUF)
HU79 1176 3323 4600 2884 0000 0000 (EUR)
HU91 1176 3323 4600 4013 0000 0000 (USD)

Should the invoice indicate any other bank account, you must have been misled by fraud.

Further information:
telephone: +36 1 412 2612

Biropharma Worldwide