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Founded in 1998 and located in Hungary, Biropharma Kft. is specialized in herbal extracts, medicinal products, dietary- and feed supplements. We collaborate with our Manufacturing Plant, in order to ensure steadiness and consistency in our supply. Our products are permanently available from our warehous in Kunfeherto.

The manufacturing plant was founded in 1986 and by now it has become one of the most innovative manufacturing plants in the field of pharmaceutical technologies in Hungary. It is specialized in the production of herbal extracts, medicinal products and dietary supplements. Besides their own product development and manufacture, they also provide contract manufacturing services.

The plant is equipped with modern production lines, extractors, ultra modern technology in filtration and separation, chromatographic columns and dryers (including Spray dryer, vacuum tray dryer, fluid bed dryer) to handle a wide range of products. The entire manufacturing process is supervised and monitored by our highly experienced quality management experts to ensure the constant excellent quality of our products within the managed time schedule.

The quality and safety are assured by the HACCP system, the ISO 9001:2008 certificate issued by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services and the GMP certificate for the production of pharmaceutical products and supervised by the Ministry of Health, Hungary.

The company offers a wide range of products for human and animal healthcare and by now our most unique products are exported around the globe.

Biropharma Ltd.

Official name: BIROPHARMA First Hungarian Biotechnological Ltd.
Seat: H-6413 Kunfehértó, IV. körzet 6., Hungary

Corporate number: 03-09-110374
Eu-VAT number: HU11579063

Bank: Gránit Bank Zrt.
Swift code: GNBAHUHB
HUF: 12100011-10313279-00000000
EUR: HU54 12100011-10313286-00000000

e-mail: office.eng@biropharma.com

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